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Be that as it may, at 360 Assurance Bureau, our scope goes beyond certifying and training our stakeholders, our main vision is to grow parallel and in cooperation with our clients. With our personalized consultancy, our goal will be to optimize all of your processes globally, at each stage of the supply chain. This will assure that the final product or products comply with regulations, in such a way that our client’s trademarks position themselves at the first places of the local and international market. At the same time, we will help you increment the client base for our stakeholders, which is another one of our goals; by doing this, and assuring all of the processes at each stage of the supply chain (360) will generate incommensurable savings for all of our stakeholders.

360 Assurance Bureau, is an independent firm which operates in different parts of the world, like: Central operation (Mexico) Ciudad Juárez, Guadalajara, Chile (Santiago), Argentina (Buenos Aires), China (Shangai), Nueva Zelanda (Perth), Estados Unidos de América (Texas).


Why 360 Assurance Bureau?

360 Assurance Bureau, offers you the technical capacity your company needs, we are experts on regulatory issues for the food industry, offering the in-depth analysis and solution for all your certification needs. When you choose 360 Assurance Bureau, you are choosing over 10,000 audit hours, we have the expertise and the knowledge you need.

We will not only get you certified, through us your company will:

  • Manage and control hazards more effectively
  • Assure the safety of its products
  • Optimize its processes
  • Generate a base to comply with regulatory and legal requirements
  • Get a 360 coverage at all stages of the supply chain
  • Increase its client base
  • Improve its overall business
  • Increment its revenue