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Course (16 hrs)


This course is devised to provide the participant with a thorough overview of the requirements/clauses of the ISO 9001 standard. By offering a base for the identification and assimilation of each one of the items that comprise this standard, based on a management system, this will allow the participant to command the documental structure of the standard, all the way to its implementation.


  • Identify and assimilate the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard (musts, documented information)
  • Identify and assimilate the documental structure of a management system (policies/objectives, quality manual/documented procedures, mandatory records and the required documentation by the organization
  • Identify and assimilate the process approach in accordance with the requirements of the ISO
  • Identify and assimilate the critical elements necessary to have a documented management system


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This training course includes:

  • Materials
  • Practice book
  • Lunch
  • Coffee Break
  • Attendance certificate